Virtual Steel Technologies

Innovation and technologies are rapidly altering the way we conduct the steel construction industry business today. With the pressures of offshore competition, we have turned to fine solutions to provide project deliverables faster and position the owners with greater value over the entire project; not just cheat offshore steel detailing or lower price of fabrication.

Virtual Steel Technologies, Inc. (VST) has pioneered innovative and technological solutions that empowers the whole construction team with efficiencies and new work processes that streamline the work flow to lower costs across the entire project. This means fabrication and erection are accelerated substantially bringing your customers’ project online sooner. While many firms rely on “cheap steel detailing done overseas”, VST has invoked the entrepreneurial spirit and traditional values of Americans to develop the very first all cloud-based systems to completely virtualize the entire steel construction process.

These processes enable all participants to work on one contiguous model that includes the architectural and structural Revit models, structural CAD files and SDS/2 manufacturing model in real time for approval. This transformative approach has proven to virtually eliminate the steel related RFI’s, and can reduce or eliminate those annoying and costly steel change orders.

If you’re looking for a detailing company with real experience and people at the forefront of technological innovation, give the staff at VST a call and allow us to bring real value to your next project. Whether Design-Build, Design-Bid-Build or IPD, 100 tons or 10,000 tons, VST is turning imagination into reality.