Steel Days

Steel Days

SteelDay 2017 is the annual celebration of the structural steel industry sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction and hosted by its members and partners. SteelDay is the industry’s largest educational and networking function, with events occurring all over the country. In 2017 events will include project site tours, tours of structural steel mills, service centers and fabrication shops as well as national webinars and special education opportunities for structural engineers and architects. SteelDay is an opportunity for you to see how the domestic structural steel industry contributes to building America.

Virtual Steel Technologies (VST) will be hosting a Steel– Days event at our offices in Virginia Beach, Virginia. VST will being presenting the NASCC 2017 Session “3D Model Review & Approval Really Works” and new development that now allow for full virtual real- time approval.

If you are and Owner, Developer/Contractor, Architect or Structural Engineer this presentation can show how advanced technologies can:
1. Reduce or eliminate Request for Information (RFI’s) as it related to structural steel.
2. Decrease or abolish those irritating steel change orders.
3. Cut approval cycle times in half or more.
4. Collaborate with real time models to enhance the simplify the process for the approving authorities.

All this and more which translates into lower cost across the entire project. Let make steel the construction material of choice. Seats are limited so reserve your seats early.

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